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Choosing Your Security And Steel Supplier

Since our inception in Gauteng in the 1990’s, U-Name-It has specialist expertise in security installations and steel  / wrought-iron work.  Based in Randburg, Johannesburg, we provide services to customers throughout Johannesburg, Sandton and northern areas of Johannesburg, East and West Rand, and other parts of Gauteng.

Customers have relied on us for security gates, driveway gates, security fencing, security doors, balustrades, intercom systems, pool fences, burglar bars, Spanish bars, palisade fencing, sliding gates, metal staircases, carports, steel light shades, gate motors, sports and school spectator grandstands, CO2 welding jobs, theatre lighting installations, shop-fittings and many other security installations, stainless steel and wrought-iron jobs.

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When choosing a security and steel work supplier, there are important points you should consider:

  • Strength & durability – will the finished product be very strong and last for years with minimum maintenance?
    • Pay attention to the type of welding that will be used.  Traditional arc welding techniques result in untidy and unprofessional-looking joins.  You will often find bubbles in the welding that weaken the joins.
    • Stronger welding means greater strength and better security.
    • At U-Name-It, we use only CO2 welding techniques that ensure smooth joins that are stronger and look much better than traditional welding.   You will see the difference.
    • Cheap suppliers have shortcuts to reduce their prices.  Be aware that this will compromise your security.  For example, cheap security suppliers often join their metal tubing off-cuts by welding them together.  Where these off-cut pieces are joined, the join becomes a weak spot, which can easily bend or break (or be bent or broken by criminals).
    • At U-Name-It it our policy to never join off-cuts.  You will always receive a finished product with whole lengths properly cut to size for each particular job.  We never compromise on quality or security.
    • Also check the type of lock that will be installed in gates, security doors and sliding gates.  Cheap locks can easily be broken or forced open.
    • At U-Name-It, we install high quality barrel locks which are highly durable and offer the best security and protection.
  • Good looks – of course strength and durability is important in security and steel work, but you also want your finished product to look great.
    • For some jobs, plain and simple designs may suffice.  For other jobs, sophisticated designs might be essential to achieve a specific effect.
    • At U-Name-It, we can help you choose from a wide range of creative designs or create your own unique designs.
    • We also work closely with architects and interior decorators to achieve a specific effect to suit the design of new houses, apartments and offices.   You will be amazed at some of the fantastic creations we have made before.  We can do the same for you.
    • Some jobs need special coatings, such as powder coating or electro-plating.
    • At U-Name-It, we offer a variety of coatings, including professional spray-painting, special paint techniques, powder-coating and electro-plating.
  • Can I extend the lifetime of my existing driveway gates, security doors or balustrades?
    • We know times are tough at the moment.  Instead of investing in new installations, you could save money by repairing and renovating.
    • At U-Name-It, we also offer maintenance services for your existing gates, burglar bars, carports etc.   By simply repainting and doing rust-protecting treatments, we can help you get a longer lifetime from what you already have, and save you money in the long run.
  • Installation know-how and experience
    • A well manufactured product could be installed incorrectly on site.  This is a potential pitfall to be wary of.
    • You may not realise this at first, but very often, walls are not built straight or doorways correctly levelled.    How one deals with such challenges will distinguish a good job from a poor job.  An inexperienced installer will usually get it wrong.
    • At U-Name-It, our installation team are very well experienced in this field –  each team member has at least 10 years’ experience in installations – even 20 years’ experience and more.   We have successfully overcome many challenges on the job and achieved little miracles to ensure that the finished product looks and works perfectly – just what our customers wanted.
  • Do you have any guarantee for the work done?
    • At U-Name-It, all work is guaranteed for 12 months.
    • We’re here to stay and proud of the reputation we have built for quality workmanship.

Experience our motto “Perfectionist workmanship guaranteed” and see for yourself what sets us apart from others.

We do work on gates, motors,  fencing, burglar bars, intercoms, balustrades, carports, palisade fencing, staircases, pool fences, steel light shades, grandstands for spectators, film studio and theatre roof-mounted lighting structures, stainless steel work, wrought iron work, and more.


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